Rainbow Car Rentals provides the best rental car service in Hawaii. Get the greatest local car hire rates on the island. We have availability!!

Local Rental Car Rates for Tourists

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Rainbow Car Rentals on The Big Island provides the best prices for everyone — locals and tourists. If you live on the island, you will get the best deals. If you are visiting from another place, you will get the best deals.

The reason why we are the best local car hire on The Big Island of Hawaii is that we offer a Low-Price Guarantee. If you receive a direct quote from a car rental company that is more affordable than our costs, we will match it, and offer 5% off on top of it!

Moreover, we have weekly and long-term rates available. So, if you are looking to visit the island for more than two weeks — we can cover for you. The longer you plan to stay the more affordable the rates get. Schedule a reservation today!

We Have Availability!!

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Throughout the year we have availability. However, make sure to call as soon as possible during the peak seasons. We try our best to make sure that we have vehicles for everyone. It is always recommended to give us a call to chat about what we have available for you on the lot.

Another reason why we are the best rental car company in Hawaii is that we have a diverse selection of vehicles. Rainbow Car Rentals has vans, 4x4s, and older and newer cars available for you to rent.

Plus, our cars are economical, so you won’t have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb while you’re traveling on the island. Give yourself a local style when you drive the cars that we offer. And as always, our vehicles are extremely safe.

Unbeatable Service

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As the best local car hire company, we strive to have the finest service around. We offer to deliver and pick up your rental vehicle, even as far as Kona from Hilo with a reasonable fee. Right after you land on the island, we can have your car ready for you.

Not only do we offer delivery and pick-up, but we also provide car insurance if you don’t have any. It’s extremely affordable. It is highly suggested that you have personal insurance to cover you, but we understand that sometimes that isn’t available. So, ask us how to get you covered!

We want you to have fun during your travels around the island. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you deserve to experience the magic of Aloha in Hawaii. Breathe the fresh air and know that we have your back with safety, reliability, and comfort.

Finally, we have availability!! If you need a vehicle — contact us. We are the best local car hire service. We understand the challenges of going through big companies when it comes to getting your needs met. Support local businesses instead, so that we can treat you like family.