Check out these affordable car hire services we offer at Rainbow Car Rentals. These services are unique to our rental car business.

About Rainbow Car Rentals Car Hire Services

Rainbow Car Rentals is a small local rental car business based in Hilo, Hawaii on The Big Island. We take pride in our ability to offer good autos at great prices while offering unique and affordable car hire services. 

Our car rentals are different from other companies because they are local-styled vehicles that are available at very affordable rates. When you visit the island or live here — you’ll know everything is expensive: lodging, food, gas, and more. However, when renting from our Rainbow Car Rentals, you’ll save money on your transportation costs.

Unlike other car rental companies, we offer affordable add-on car hire services on top of offering great-priced rental cars. These services include car rental insurance, rental car drop off and pick up, and gear rental options. 

Car Rental Insurance

First, if you don’t have car rental insurance or travel insurance to cover your car rental during your trip — we have car rental insurance available for you at an affordable cost. 

Our local car rental insurance coverage costs only $30 per day. It’s a simple plan that covers damage to the rental car only minus the deductible.

If you are to get into an accident (fingers crossed that you won’t), you will only have to pay a reasonable deductible cost to cover the damage made to the vehicle. This will save you a lot of money on services to the car. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Car Hire Services

Second, a popular car hire service that you can add to your car rental reservation is our drop off and pick up service. Rainbow Car Rentals will deliver your rental car to you and we can also pick up your car rental at a reasonable cost. 

When you arrive on the island, we can have your car rental vehicle ready for you most wherever you land. Whether you’re at the Kona International Airport or the Hilo International Airport or if you’ve even arrived at your accommodation already — we can meet you where it is best.

Moreover, if you live on the island, you don’t need to come to our office in Hilo to pick up your rental car. If you need a vehicle dropped off to you, we most likely can drop off your reserved rental car where you are on the island.

Our drop off and pick up services save you a lot of time and effort. After traveling to the island, it’s nice to simply get to the place where you can rest from your trip. If you live on the island and need a vehicle, it will save you time finding a ride or hitchhiking to the office. We’re here to help make your car rental experience easy with great car hire services. 

Affordable Additional Add-On Services

Third, we offer additional add-on car hire services. Not only can you get a local-style vehicle, dropped off to you, but you can also get it equipped with the gear you need to make your trip on the island one of the best experiences that you’ve ever had. 

Listed below are the gear that we offer for rent in addition to our car rental.

  • Snorkel gear rental
  • Bodyboard rental
  • Golf Clubs
  • Camping gear rental

If you want to play at cool ocean spots on the island, you won’t need to visit a gear rental spot. Avoid delays and go straight to the beach with our snorkel gear and bodyboard rentals! Finally, if you want to camp on the island, all you need to do is find the campground that you want to go to and go grocery shopping. The camping gear will be ready for you in the back of the car so that you can enjoy your trip. 

In the end, we offer these great-priced car hire services so that you can have a good time on the island with more cash on hand. Car rentals and lodging will be the most pricey expenses during your time in Hawaii. If you can cut back on one of the costs, then you get more money for experiences and more money for food. We hope you will experience the magic of Aloha to the fullest.

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